Here is some freeware and shareware that we would like to make avaialable to our customers. These programs work as good, if not better than programs that are available for purchase at retail stores. Thank you for visiting, and feel free to visit the developer's sites as well. (Windows Only).

Remote Support: Team Viewer - Remote connections between any version of windows
(Allow Lightning Computers to connect to your computer through the internet for assistance.)

Drop Box: 2.5GB of Free Cloud Storage, to backup important files.

Windows 8 upgrade assistant - Tells you if your computer and software will be compatible with Windows 8.

Apache Open Office - Office suite compatible with most office programs.

Ccleaner - Clean Temporary Files and Registry - All versions of Windows

Froddle Pod - Itunes replacement program for IPods - Windows

Music Makers and Loopers:

Mad Tracker - Windows
Kids - Super Duper Music Looper express - Windows